The MUST have, award winning, pram accessory!

Mummy Mitts attach to the handle bar or handles of ANY pram or pushchair, allowing you the convenience of removing your hands whilst the mittens remain attached. They are an absolute requirement for every parent!

As seen on Dragons Den
"Thank Goodness for Mummy Mitts"
Jo Joyner (actress)

Meet The Mittsters

We all know that Mummy Mitts were born from necessity and it makes us very proud and pleased as punch that we are continually finding new hands to keep warm around this little world of ours.

Rather than make this a yaddah yaddah yaddah about the moment of inspiration, we thought you may be more interested in who's who and what's what here at Mitts Towers.


Meet The Mittsters Anna is da boss, the lady, the head 'mittster' ess, and the energy and enthusiam behind us all. If you want to be in her good books, skip the apple and go for a chocolate bar! 



Meet The Mittsters Emma is the smile of Mitts Towers, and if she isn't smiling, swerve the office for 5 minutes, it must be bad! Doesn't drink anything hot which means she can avoid the coffee run!! Tendency to sing Will Young songs though!



Meet The Mittsters Jez must be mad working with these lot! He keeps his head down and tries to look after our world on the web! He has just taken up running (again) and will probably be the voice on t'other end of the phone if you call HQ. Likes to pretend he is busy, you see.



Meet The Mittsters Alison alias Margo. We are not sure where Margo came from but it sort of suits her so it stuck really. Flits in and out of the office a bit, and calls everyone by their full name! She likes Tea when she is not on a night out! Been with us since the start.



Meet The Mittsters Denise is IT. Well IT support actually, but we think she is IT. Without her and the silly hours she keeps we would be lost in the world of cyberspace. What this lady doesn't know about IT aint worth knowing. Bit of a Dizzy Rascal fan on the quiet.



Meet The Mittsters Jason is the number cruncher. More accountancy qualifications than you can shake a calculator at. Doesn't make any noise when he laughs either, just a big wide grin. Looks like Harry Potter when he dons his bins.




Meet The Mittsters Suzy has just joined us as our 'Brains' of the operation at Mitts Towers. She comes to us straight from that place in Downing Street where brains work and jolly chuffed we are to have her on board the good ship Mittsterland. Tendancy to be a bit mad, but we quite like mad, so she is going to fit in just fine.



That's us, that is our little family. We work hard, we smile, we like looking up rather than down, we like our mitts and we love our guard dog Lucy 


No Grubby Paws Please!
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